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Li-Ion Batteries

Do you own an electric bike and your lithium battery is no longer in good condition?

Cyprus E-bike can carry out measurement, repair and rebuilding of lithium batteries. We check your lithium battery, measure it and propose the most appropriate repair or rebuilding method based on the results.

These are the benefits of battery rebuilding:

  • In most cases, the original capacity of the battery can be increased through the conversion, thus extending the operating range of the bike.
  • Because it is possible to use the original case and internal electronics, the price is lower than buying a new battery.
  • 24-month warranty on battery functionality.

In addition to batteries for electric bikes, we also repair and custom manufacture lithium batteries for golf trolleys, scooters, unicycles, hoverboards and other devices that use lithium batteries.


Battery capacity testing - € 10 *
Battery ballancing - € 60

Rebuilding  Li-Ion Batteries
(We will use the original case, charger and internal electronics)

36 V / 12.4 Ah - € 310
36 V / 15.5 Ah - € 370
36 V / 18.6 Ah - € 430

48 V / 12.4 Ah - € 382
48 V / 15.5 Ah - € 488
48 V / 18.6 Ah - € 538

Custom Li-Ion Batteries
(New Li-Ion battery with charger)

36 V / 12.4 Ah, Charger 2 A - € 458
36 V / 15.5 Ah, Charger 3 A - € 518
36 V / 18.6 Ah, Charger 3 A - € 578

48 V / 12.4 Ah, Charger 2 A - € 556
48 V / 15.5 Ah, Charger 3 A - € 662
48 V / 18.6 Ah, Charger 4 A - € 724

The above prices are only approximate and may vary depending on the used battery case, type of cells, BMS, charger etc.

If you are converting a regular bicycle or you need a lithium battery for another use, please, contact us and we will design a suitable battery for your project.

We use Panasonic or LG cells to make customized and rebuild batteries.

Measurement, Balancing & Repairing

Sometimes it happens that the battery recharges quickly and unexpectedly shuts down during use. This does not always mean the battery cells or the electronics are damaged. A common cause of this problem are unbalanced battery packs, where due to different voltages in individual packs charging and discharging end prematurely. This often occurs when the battery has not been charged for a long time. In this case, we perform a balancing of the battery and its subsequent function and capacity tests. The actual battery condition can be assessed during the basic battery test and based on its results we will recommend a suitable method of repair. This test cannot be performed while you wait.

  • Battery capacity testing - € 10 *
  • Battery ballancing - € 60

* In case of rebuilding the battery, the cost of testing will be deducted from the total cost of rebuilding.

Please note rebuilding, measurement, balancing & repairing are not available for Bosch batteries.